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Risorse Cooperativa offers to all mountain lovers the Basic Hiking Course – 1° Level Walking Group Leader training AIGAE.
The course will be held by our qualified hiking guide Mauro Viale (member of Risorse Cooperativa and Aigae instructor). The course includes both theoretical lessons and hikes and it will provide you with all the basics about equipment, nutrition, map reading and compass, danger prevention, orientation, eco-friendly behaviour.

This is the base structure of the course, which can be adapted for specific groups and locations:
- Introduction, definition of goals and expectations; clothing, equipment and shoes
- Training, nutrition, breathing, how to organise the first aid kit
- Reading and interpreting a topographic map
- Topography hike
- Planning a hike with a topographic map (you will bring your work for the following week)
- Reading and interpreting a topographic map, use of map and compass
- Orientation hike
- Danger prevention
- Cartography, orientation and danger prevention hike
- Help alert; eco-friendly behaviour, information about the exam
- Exam, theory and practice




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