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“Probably in no other place in Italy have I seen so many people and houses and wineries, so unchanged over time: in no other place have I tasted such genuine and delicious wines…”

Mario Soldati, in 1970, used these words to describe the authentic beauty of the Marche’s land and its generosity, that still nowadays gives us its fruits, so “genuine and delicious”. Marche are a territory of rare beauty and variety: from the soft vine-covered hills, to the golden beaches and up to the mountains, where nature and man still live together in harmony.
The richness of the landscape corresponds to the fertility and biodiversity of the land: it is our duty to preserve this natural, historical and cultural heritage and to make it available outside regional and national borders.  In the last few years, Food and wine have become one of the main tourist attractions: in order to deeply understand different cultures, one needs to experience local wines and food. This way tourists are able to experience a different reality with their own senses, getting in touch with the place, its people, its character and its charm. Le Marche provides tourists from all over the world with and incredible range of different possibilities and experiences: the wines and the food from our region speak about the work and life of the people that have been living and cultivating this incredibly generous land.

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Risorse Active Tourism is especially close to those farmers, breeders, restaurant owners and all the professionals of the sector that have chosen to carry out their work in harmony with nature, its rhythms and the preservation of its vitality. We arrange meetings and tastings about local products and their places of origin, introducing you to the “craftsmen of taste” that produce them with such great care. In particular, thanks to our attentive “sommelier”, who is passionate about organic wines, we organise informal, unconventional tastings, where we let the wine speak for itself, exchanging our impressions and opinions. Doing a blind tasting, without the influence and expectations carried by the label, we can all participate in the effort of becoming aware consumers.

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We also:
- Organise tour packages for tour operators to discover local wines and food.
- Provide professional advice on social media marketing for owners of holiday farmhouses and farms.
- Offer project-planning services for regional, national and European projects.
- Organise wine tastings and presentations, also on demand

 For info and reservations: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. +39 0733 280035

Legal Head Office

  • Risorse Cooperativa 
    Via Lorenzoni 18
    62100 Macerata (MC)

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Operational office

  • Risorse Active Tourism
    Via Batà 21
    62100 Macerata (MC)

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Contact Us:
+39 0733 280035

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