Risorse Cooperativa offers professional advice and communication sevices for holiday farm-houses and other accommodation facilities.

Choosing the products
The choice of quality food and wine products has become a fundamental matter for anyone working in tourism and hospitality. Not only for the nutritional aspect (which remains the main aspect anyway), but also from the point of view of marketing and company brand. Risorse has been working for years with local small producers and farmers, therefore we have developed an in-depth knowledge of high quality producers throughout the Marche’s territory. Risorse offers its expertise to those farm-houses and accommodation facilities that would like to update their food and wine offer.


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Social Marketing for Agritourism
Social networks are websites that allow the creation of virtual meeting places where users can start discussions, share text, video and audio content and interact. Social networks are an extraordinarily useful tool in terms of visibility and direct communication with users for any kind of business, but they are a truly essential tool for anyone working in tourism and hospitality. They are the most influential tool to guide users in the choice of a tourist destination, an activity or an accommodation facility: users can share information and opinions, they chat online about products determining their success. In the social network era, the client wants a direct contact with the facility, so to have the chance to ask questions or to share with others their holiday experience. Social media are not all the same, each one has its own characteristics and it's functional to convey specific aspects and contents. Risorse Active Tourism offers three different modular options able to meet all your needs.


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For info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - Tel. +39 0733 280035


Legal Head Office

  • Risorse Cooperativa 
    Via Lorenzoni 18
    62100 Macerata (MC)

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Operational office

  • Risorse Active Tourism
    Via Batà 21
    62100 Macerata (MC)

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Contact Us:
+39 0733 280035

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