Monte Conero is a mountain overlooking the Adriatic Sea near Ancona, in the centre of Marche. Although its peak is only 572 m, its shape and its characteristics make it an actual mountain, ideal to practice most sport activities typical of mountain areas. The importance of this area led, in 1991, to the creation of Monte Conero Regional Park.

This promontory, characterized by majestic limestone cliffs jutting out at sea and by a thick forest of Mediterranean scrub, is one of the treasures of Marche Region and every year hosts thousands of tourists. The rocky Conero headland breaks the monotony of the Adriatic coastline, taking on a great naturalistic value. Conero headland’s beaches are typical of the high coast: they can be reached through steep, panoramic paths (called "Stradelli"), they are separated from each other by stretches of coast made of rocks that end directly into the water and they are characterised by lines of white rocks. The headland’s coast is called Riviera del Conero.

monte conero panorama

The whole area has been inhabited by men for thousands of years, as it is testified by the inscriptions carved in the rock, the Roman caves and the remains of other settlements left there throughout the centuries. Nowadays, there still are some small but wonderful villages located on its hillside: SiroloNumanaPortonovo, tourist centres of great naturalistic and historical interest. 

This area is very interesting also for its flora and fauna, among the forests of strawberry tree, holm oak and Aleppo pine, we can find badgers, squirrels, pheasants, foxes and many birds of prey (Lipu mentioned Monte Conero among the 10 best locations in Italy for birdwatching).

monte conero sirolo

What to do in Monte Conero Park
Risorse Active Tourism organises, throughout the year, active and sustainable tourism activities for all tastes and needs. We will take you in the Monte Conero Regional Park with hikes, trekking, birdwatching, cyclotourism, holiday camps and more. Our specialized guides and instructors will be able to meet all your needs. Risorse Active Tourism also organises tailored activities for groups, schools and associations. In between swims we will make you actively experience Monte Conero and its riviera! Find out about Risorse Active Tourism upcoming activities in Monte Conero, check out our calendar!

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Discover the activities on our calendar of events. 

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