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Nordic Walking is a healthy and funny sport activity. The technique of Nordic Walking consists in inserting the poles in your regular, natural walking. To the physiological succession of the alternated movements of opposite arm and leg, you add the effective push of the pole which extends the reach of the step without compromising the natural flow of the movement. Adopting the correct technique, you will be able to train most of your body muscles, which makes this type of exercise an aerobic training of great quality. The opportunity to choose the intensity of the pace and the difficulty of the itineraries makes Nordic Walking an activity for all ages and fitness levels. 

Modern Nordic walking training, besides teaching the correct use of the poles, allows also the improvement of your natural walk without poles, the adoption of a straight posture and of the body’s core balance, that is the active use of the back and abdomen muscles. As it is for any sport activity, also for Nordic Walking there is a technique to learn to be able to take advantage of all the benefits that this discipline brings about. Risorse Active Tourism makes available its experience and its qualified instructors for beginners courses and excursions.

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Services offered
- Qualified instructors
- Insurance
- Equipment rental

Whether you are a private individual, a member of an association or just a group of friends with a passion for hiking look up the activities in our calendar or make a request for a custom offer.
If you are a tour operator we can organise for you personalised guiding services and customised tours for your target market.

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